Furniture maintenance overview
1, the use of furniture notes
The handling, lift light light, not hard pull.
When the furniture is placed to avoid direct sunlight and light exposure, to prevent furniture deformation, paint burst, bubble, fade.
Furniture can not be close to the heating, fireplace heat source, in case of furniture cracking and fading.
It is not available hard, sharp objects and a contact surface of the furniture.
The indoor ventilation to keep dry, do not let the furniture in wet places and close to the wall, to prevent the furniture when wet Meibian, degumming. If the room is particularly dry, you can use the humidification equipment to increase the indoor humidity to prevent furniture warping, deformation.
The movement of furniture, should be placed on the object to move the furniture, furniture is tilted object cut down.
The furniture surface do not place heavy objects, so as to avoid the deformation of the panel.
Don't take the desk and cabinet, so as not to sit over to cause unnecessary harm to you.
2, furniture maintenance
Daily maintenance, use a clean soft cloth often wipe the paint surface, do not let the furniture contact acid, alkali chemicals and oil.
The burn marks: cigarette butts or not extinguish the match left marks in the furniture paint, if can finish burning, wrapped in a layer of fine grain hard cloth in matchstick or toothpicks, gently wipe traces, and then coated with a thin layer of wax, scorch can fade.
The very hot mark: furniture paint leave the white hot streak, generally as long as with alcohol, toilet water, kerosene or wet cloth to wipe the tea. If the treatment is not the best off the surface repainted again.
The scratch: if the furniture paint scratches, untouched lacquer wooden furniture, can use the same colors like crayons or paint on the furniture wound daub, to cover the exposed background, and then use the transparent nail polish coated with a thin layer.
Water traces: use wet cloth covers in mark, and then use the electric iron carefully press the cloth several times, marks can fade.
The hardware decoration only need to gently wipe, do not use chemical cleaning agents.
3, furniture fabric maintenance
At least once a week, pay attention to the removal of dead ends.
As a stained, use a clean cloth dipped in water wipe, in order not to leave a mark, preferably from the periphery to wipe stain.
If that thread loose, do not pull with the hand, cut with scissors to trim.
Solid wood furniture maintenance
1, the use of materials
The main components of material: made of rubber wood, Pinus sylvestris.
The surface material: the surface of PU spraying green paint.
Adhesive: the main use of white latex, yellow adhesive and other adhesives.
The formaldehyde content conforms to the GB/28007-2011 standard.
2, the use of maintenance
Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the furniture surface. The surface of solid wood furniture is coated with paint, which is particularly important for the maintenance and maintenance of the paint film. Once the film is damaged, it will not only affect the appearance of the surface, but also affect the internal structure of the product. So keep furniture clean, every day with a dry soft cloth gently wipe the cotton surface dust, every once in a while, with a damp cotton yarn moisture will dust the furniture corner carefully wiped clean, soft cloth Kaigan can use dry clean.
Avoid the use of alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents in addition to stains. If there are stains on the surface of the furniture, do not rub hard, can be used to gently remove tea stains stains, wait until after the water evaporation in the original parts coated with less Xu Guang wax, and then light to wear several times to form a protective film.
Avoid scratch scratch hard objects. When cleaning, do not touch the furniture cleaning tools, usually pay attention to, don't let the hard metal or other weapon collision furniture, protect the surface appears not scratch.
To avoid damp environment. In summer, such as indoor pan tide, should use a thin rubber pad to contact the furniture with the ground parts separated, while the furniture by the wall with the wall to keep the 0.5 - 1cm distance of the gap, away from the heat source.
The hard to avoid direct sunlight. We should try to avoid long time exposure to sunshine outdoor furniture in whole or in part, its position in the best able to dodge sunlight in place, or with a transparent gauze curtain separated from direct sunlight. This does not affect the indoor lighting, can make the bedroom add how much warmth for western romance, and protect the furniture.
3, failure analysis and troubleshooting
Fault phenomenon: analysis of uneven reasons: no furniture pad removal method: to identify the location and use of cardboard pad
Fault phenomenon: analysis of distortion reasons: furniture is flat elimination: placed in a stable and smooth position
Plate type furniture maintenance
1, the use of materials
The substrate: door, panel, side use particleboard or mdf.
The surface decoration: fireproofing veneer or melamine decorative paper.
The paint and adhesive using Jincheng adhesive.
The formaldehyde release amount in accordance with the requirements of GB18580.
2, the use of maintenance
(a) furniture placed notes
The balance should be placed to prevent the distortion of furniture, door locks, hinges, flexible opening, should be timely with cardboard or thin pieces of wood flat ground.
The attention to the position, do not close to the wall and to prevent surface moisture, mildew, degumming. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent deformation and fading.
(two) furniture safety matters
The balance place objects, heavy objects should be placed at the bottom of furniture, furniture center to prevent instability caused over; the top of the file cabinet should not place heavy objects, so as to avoid the influence of the door switch: the roof hanging cabinet furniture stored objects, shall not exceed the closed position of the door in case